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The Holiday Market Arrives

            As the farmers’ coordinator for Nicecream, winter is not my favorite season. Mostly because of the cold, but also because it is more difficult to find local foods. In the summer and fall, we have fresh produce coming out our ears! We can sometimes forget that our support for local farmers and food businesses is important throughout the year, not just when it’s plentiful.

But I have great news! We have made it convenient for you to support local vendors this winter. We recently debuted our holiday market. I searched high and low (meaning tasted many, many goodies) to bring you the best possible foods for your holiday table. All of our perishable items come from within the DC area; along with the coffees and teas we normally serve you in the shop. Here’s a peek at our table before you stop in.

Teeny Pies, Teeny's Pies, Pies DC, Holiday Market

            We have several vendorsb n from Union Kitchen, a small food business incubator in NE, including Teeny’s pies. Teeny’s new book is also available, which follows her journey across the country to learn from pie-makers, featuring their incredible recipes. I actually used her crust recipe for my Thanksgiving pumpkin pies. They were ah-mazing!


            Also from Union Kitchen is The Capitol Candy Jar. They feature homemade candy and chocolate covered marshmallows. The marshmallows come in this festive holiday box.


            Fresh Crunch, a rise and brine vendor in Northern Virginia is offering his pumpkin spiced beets. If you’re curious about the flavor, ask us for a tasting!


            Our Coffee Lover’s Box is the perfect gift for a host or that friend that you never see without a mug in their hand. It includes a La Colombe blend, a French press, and a gorgeous glass mug to round out this thoughtful gift box.

            Our Holiday Market will run through New Years, offering great gifts that are delicious and also support local businesses outside of the farmers’ market season. See you soon!

- Allyson

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